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for the bodymind

thai massage + yoga + reiki

Welcome to yoga-meets-massage.


Thai massage developed as a type of yoga bodywork. It is an extraordinary, dynamic type of bodywork that combines easily with more familiar Western modalities like Deep Tissue or contract-relax therapies (like PNF, ART, AIS, MET, etc). I specialize in therapeutic & Medical massage, but you are in charge of your session. If you are just looking for something more gentle and luxurious, that's great too.  

Thai Yoga Massage

A floor mat allows full range of movement. Postures and stretches open up the body and move energy through. It is a chance to blend breath work and other yoga techniques into specialized body care. Rocking and rhythmic movement lull the body into relaxation, allowing bodywork to sink in more deeply.

Reiki hands on head


Reiki is a type of energy healing from Japan. A warm, soothing heat flows from the hands of the practitioner, promoting relaxation and stress relief, which leads to a greater boost of vitality. It is very delightful to receive and often induces sleep. 

Thai Buddhist Statue with blue sky clouds and mountains


Yoga can mean many things. During an individual session of bodywork, we can include things like breathwork, singing bowls, partnered stretches, and even postures or mindfulness practices you can do at home to help further the work we do during our time together. If you are attracted to the philosophies of yoga and Buddhism and how they might help your life, let me know, and we can incorporate them as part of our conversation during treatment.

Yoga classes coming. Stay tuned!
Travis Thieszen in Wheel backbend with feet on male client shoulders

"Thai bodywork is a dance.
The approach is to allow
and be invited into another’s
energetic  space."

Rather than pushing and forcing, my approach is to listen and draw out the bodymind's inner apothecary. I would like to invite you and your body to become a partner in healing. Through the mindfulness of yoga and Thai massage, your body guides how a session weaves together leading research, traditional practices and modern techniques.

"Pushing into hard muscle is not the key to letting change in. By pushing, a person forces their qi or energy onto someone else, and they will resist by bracing their muscles."                             

- Eric Spivack, Soaring Crane Massage


Palm with third eye vector art

Changing the Way the World Sees Itself

You deserve to dream, and your dreams should be allowed to flourish. You can find healing through transformative body and mind work. 

I invite you to experience your whole self and find balance on all 3 levels:


Medical Thai Massage

              Traditional and modern

       bodywork, guided by leading




Yoga and Buddhist

   perspectives for

    mental health


reiki energy work hands on head and heart

   Energy work through reiki, yoga and     

Thai massage

When you are given room to just

be, the somatic intelligence

of the body emerges and

      amazing things happen.

Together, we take a moment to

honor that deeper intelligence.


Palm with third eye vector art

Changing the Way the World Treats Itself

Self-care doesn't have to be a path you walk alone. It is more delightful if you have a wellbeing team that can look at your bodymind as a whole in order to help create the life you dream.

Daydream weaves healing arts from around the world into holistic sessions made just for you. You can expect care for body, mind and spirit based in Thai massage, American bodywork, yoga and reiki.


My goal is to unite the technical sciences of bodywork with a kinder, more gracious artwork of healing. This is the foundation of what I do—listening, dancing, allowing a person to open up into a more spacious way of being.

Orange flower and stem on a wet blue background. Image by Joyce McCown

Kind Words

from daydreamers like you

Leslie F


I've been doing massage for years. Usually I feel better for a day or two, and then the same symptoms come back. This time, it's been a week, and the symptoms have not returned! I finally feel hope that I can get past this pain. 

Thai Massage in 12 photos

Thai Massage in 12 photos

Thai massage in many yoga postures, starting with Travis in wheel pose and client with a very deep compression for ribs and pecs. Breath work, meditation, mental health.

Oh this is a good one

Oh this is a good one

to get hip flexors and open both sides of the hips joint. It's lunge-o-licious.

Stretch out that back

Stretch out that back

and sacrum. This a great way to get things in the pelvis to realign if they are off and to help your body take a load off of a spot that typically bears much stress sitting, standing and being active.

Get that sacrum

Get that sacrum

Part two. This time, we may as well add in a little extra love for the IT band and hamstrings. Imagine this with a little light rocking and movement to help things in your body shift and readjust... *breath in * breath out *

Oh, get those hamstrings

Oh, get those hamstrings

You know they need it! They cross 2 major joints in the body, one end typically stretched out too much and the other typically too cramped and shortened. Show em some love.

Speaking of hamstrings

Speaking of hamstrings

This is a great way to loosen them up, get some circulation and flushing going, improve joint health, and so, so much more. From here, we can start to assess the whole hip and work with it.

You've heard of hip openers?

You've heard of hip openers?

Now we've got the hamstrings going, let's work into the hip adductors and groin muscles and allow new space to open up safely and systematically.

Can I get a hand?

Can I get a hand?

Mind if I take your arm, neck and shoulder along for the ride? I promise it feels sooo good. Especially for shoulder tension and even headaches.

Supine Twist

Supine Twist

With my help, you can get a lot more out of this than you can on your own. And it feels so good, you may just leave inspired to do it at home, too.

Twist 2

Twist 2

Same stretch, different side. We must bring balance to the force, after all.

Travis in namaste

Travis in namaste

How I begin and end each session: Om Namo Shivago...

buddhist babies umbrella stars in a way thats kind of cheesy in a comforting way

buddhist babies umbrella stars in a way thats kind of cheesy in a comforting way

What? It's a stock photo? Yeah, but I like this one.

About Me

Hi, I'm Travis

MA, LMT, THAI Certification, Yoga teacher (RYT-200), Reiki Teacher, Daydreamer

Just as Covid lockdowns started, I decided, "Why yes, this is the perfect time to get into manual therapy. I will go to massage school and learn Thai massage at the same time."

2 years later, and I am just getting my business up and going. Please have patience, and check back often! 

In the meantime, what would you like to know? Please email or text me with questions.

Headshot of Travis Thieszen, LMT, Owner of Daydream Healing Arts

As a dream, a cloud, a drop of dew,

As a bubble, flash of lightning, a star in space--

so are all things composed,

so see them. 

The Diamond That Cuts Through Illusion Sutra


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